Martin Higher Education - College Profile

Student enrolments

In 2016, Martin Higher Education saw over 130 students enrolled in its courses:

Courses – All campuses

2016 students

Bachelor of Business


Bachelor of Business (Event Management)


Bachelor of Business (Marketing)


Bachelor of Business (Tourism)


Total Students


Legal entity

The legal entity registered to trade as Martin College and Martin Higher Education is Study Group Australia Pty Limited.

This entity is established as an Australian Proprietary Company, Limited by Shares with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), and by the company’s Constitution.

In addition, the entity is registered with the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) as an approved higher education provider PRV12044, and is nationally registered with the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) to offer certain courses to international students in Australia on a student visa (CRICOS provider code 01682E).  

Financial standing

Martin Higher Education runs on a financial year from January to December.

The latest financial audit occurred in December 2015 and was conducted by KPMG, who found the College to be financially viable as an incorporated company.


Martin Higher Education is governed by the Study Group Australia Pty Limited Board of Directors, which is made up of the following individuals:

  • Emeritus Professor Ian Goulter, Chair
  • Emeritus Professor Arnold Depickere, Member
  • Dr Gregor Ramsey, Member
  • Mr Warren Jacobson, Managing Director
  • Ms Jennifer Saliba, Finance Director
  • Ms Elizabeth Crowhurst, Company Secretary

The Board of Directors has delegated powers to make academic decisions to the Academic Board (East), made up of the following individuals:

  • Dr Maree Gosper, Chair
  • John Price, external member (professional body)
  • Emeritus Professor Arnold Depickere, external member (academic)
  • Adjunct Professor Greg Walker, external member (academic)
  • Dr Mark Kissane, Curriculum Manager (internal member)
  • Ms Carolyn Barker AM, Executive Director, Higher Education and Acting Director of Education (internal member)

The College is managed on a day-to-day basis by the Executive Director, Higher Education, Ms Carolyn Barker AM, who is also responsible for day-to-day management of sister colleges ACPE and Endeavour College of Natural Health.

The functional organisational chart outlines the structures managed by the Executive Director.

The academic leadership team at the College is headed by a Director of Education, with two main academic departments / faculties as well as curriculum support coming under this leadership.

Higher Education locations

Martin Higher Education has a delivery agreement to use the premises of its sister College, Endeavour College of Natural Health to deliver all of its Bachelor degrees at the following campuses:

  • Adelaide (domestic students only) – not currently offered
  • Brisbane (domestic and international students)
  • Melbourne (domestic students only) – not currently offered
  • Sydney (Haymarket) (domestic and international students)

In addition, Martin Higher Education has a delivery agreement to use the premises of its sister College, ACPE, to deliver our Bachelor degrees to domestic and international students at the following campus:

  • Sydney (Olympic Park)

For more information on campuses please see the Campuses page and choose your preferred course from the Degrees page to see if it is offered at your chosen campus. 

Higher Education courses

All higher education courses are accredited with TEQSA and meet the requirements for the relevant level of study on the Australian Qualifications Framework.

The College is accredited by TEQSA to deliver the following undergraduate courses of study:

The Academic Board (East) holds regular discussions on industry trends to determine whether new courses are required and courses will be added to this list as they are accredited by TEQSA. 

Feedback and complaints process

Students – feedback from students is always welcome, and the first step of the feedback or grievance process is to lodge a form through the Quality Feedback Monitor on the student Learning Management System (LMS). See the Grievance Policy for further information.

Staff – staff can lodge feedback or grievances by logging into the Staff LMS page and clicking on the ‘Provide Feedback’ link (bottom of home page).

Public – if you are a member of the general public and would like to provide feedback, please click on the ‘Contact Us’ link at the bottom of this web page (and all pages on this website), and lodge a web form.