Introducing Martin

Media Release, July 2014

Martin College launches exciting brand refresh to better fit overarching business strategy to evolve on a global scale

Study Group Australia announces the brand refresh of one of their Colleges, Martin College. Martin College has been operational for over 35 years and is undergoing a number of exciting changes which has consequently driven the rebrand exercise. The outcome visually, presents a new brand architecture that defines three distinct learning communities; Martin School of Business and Marketing, Martin School of Tourism and Events; Martin School of Design and Technologies.

"We felt that the brand was out of step with where the business was heading. As a marketing department it is our job to ensure that all the exciting deveopments within the business are creatively expressed through our brand," says Kristy Chilman, Head of National Marketing for Study Group.

"Operationally, things are changing at the College. We have new programs, including the recent launch of Bachelors programs, and more intensive learning support and engagement approaches. We felt the brand needed to jolt our 'public personality' into a new format. We believe the rebrand presents 'the new Martin' more accurately than the brands of the past," says Kristy.

John's vision for the future of education and specifically for Martin, is clear. "This fast follower approach will draw us further from the traditional classroom. I want to see more coaching for learning and fewer lectures. Students won't come to campus to research. They will do that at home and instead, come to debrief and experiment with how the learning can be creatively applied."

John believes that the idea of a traditional college campus will change from a physical space to a much more virtual space. Students will have a greater sense of autonomy and the learning will be global and ongoing. "Study Group has campuses and students across the planet. I want to see these students sharing their cultural differences to spark new insights."

The key to the College's growth is in the way they treat their students, not as passive receivers of an education but as respected partners in learning. John sees many students around the world graduating from degrees and diplomas then struggling to find the job they want. He is committed to continuing to people graduating from Martin and being head-hunted by top industry players in their chosen field.

"We will never be the easiest option and we make no apologies for that. If one of our qualifications is to be valued - by student or industry - then it requires hard work. The effort involved will ultimately be what makes a Martin graduate stand out from the crowd after graduation," says John.