International Internships

Take studying abroad to the next level

Every International student who chooses to study at Martin, gets the opportunity to practice their skills in the real world thanks to our Career Starter Program*. Organised Job Placements, Volunteer Opportunities and Local Internships are available to ambitious students, with industry events and jobs accessible through our NEW career platform - Brightly.

So are you interested in gaining work-experience while you study in Australia? Martin can help. 

Martin prepares you for the future

Job Placements:
If you want to get hands-on experience while you study, then a professional Job Placement is perfect for you. These paid, short-term or part-time placements are available to ambitious students who want to gain industry experience before graduation.

Volunteer Opportunities:
Perfect for students of all ages, Martin provides a range of volunteer opportunities in major cities right around Australia. Whether you want to work at a concert, an exhibition, event or use your skills to help a not-for-profit organisation, Martin will connect you with interested local businesses. 

Local Internships:
Available through the Martin Career Starter Program, these highly sort after internships are perfect for students who want to gain a competitive edge in their chosen field. To find out about the internships that are currently available in your city, contact us or click on the button below.

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* Please note - Martin cannot guarantee that you will secure employment once you have completed your studies.

  • Xiao

    Diploma of Events

    I did a lot of volunteering work in event industry while studying at Martin. It allowed me to gain experience through actual projects and to apply what I had learned in class.

    xiao testimonial international
  • Yuto

    Advanced Diploma of Management

    I’m currently working at one of largest Japanese educational agencies and using the skills I have learnt at Martin College while I’m working.

    Yuto testimonial international
  • Angelica

    Diploma of Graphic Design

    The career services offered at Martin have helped me a lot. I got an internship at a bar/restaurant as a graphic designer. It was the perfect internship for me. I got help throughout the process, from applying for it through to the work experience itself.

    The employability skills workshops have also been very helpful. I received help with my résumé, cover letter and essential interview skills, along with lots of great general knowledge.

    Testimonials angelica red
  • Madelene

    Diploma of Business

    I did a 4 week internship at Cystic Fibrosis in Brisbane which opened the door to my career. I was able to use the skills/knowledge that I learned at Martin. I am now an Executive Projects and Conference Coordinator (at Cancer Council) and manage events including the Oceanic Tobacco Control Conference which involve 400 delegates.

    madelene testimonial international
  • Rodrigo

    Diploma of Marketing

    I was positively surprised by the support received. As soon as I started the course, I began to participate in career workshops that taught me many techniques of how I could enter the job market here in Australia.

    rodrigo testimonial international
  • Linda

    Diploma of Graphic Design

    The career services at Martin have been great! I attended employability skills workshops to learn how to write a good résumé and how to act during an interview. The Work Placement Coordinator was always available and very helpful. I had a great experience at my internship with Worldwide Printing Solutions, and was able to further my pre-press knowledge, my graphic design skills and my interpersonal skills.

    testimonials linda red