A career as a travel agent

Do have a passion for travel and like to help other people discover new places? Do you want a career where you can really soar?  Then working as a travel agent can be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences you'll find.

A typical day as a travel agent

A typical day as a travel agent will involve:

  • Sorting through vast amounts of information to help clients make the best possible travel arrangements
  • Offering advice about the destination, weather conditions, restaurants, tourist attractions and recreation
  • Knowing how to prepare travel itineraries and source information on departure and arrival times, fares, and hotel ratings and accommodations
  • Using the computer reservations system and understanding fares and ticketing
  • Providing information on customs regulations, required documentation and currency exchange rates to international travelers

Is this the right job for you?

The type of qualities and skills essential for you to become a travel agent include:

  • Superior communication and customer service skills - as you will spend most of your time talking with clients and contacting airlines and hotels to make travel arrangements
  • Interest in travel and culture - to help you develop a rapport with clients
  • Problem-solving skills and the ability to work under pressure - sometimes you have to face a great deal of pressure during travel emergencies
  • Open mind and sensitivity - appreciate the fact that people with different social and cultural backgrounds will have different ways of doing things
  • Industry Qualification - have completed a travel agent course

How much will a travel agent earn?

A typical salary of a travel agent is usually based on your level of travel agent experience and qualification, sales ability, and the size and location of the travel agency.

According to MyCareer, the average advertised salary for travel consultancy jobs is around $52,337 (3rd Nov 2011 to 1st Feb 2012).

Also as an added incentive, travel agents usually get reduced rates for transportation and accommodations when travelling for personal reasons. 

Employment and job prospects

Job opportunities for travel agents will fluctuate with changing economic and global conditions but with more travellers taking exotic and customised trips, the demand for some of the specialized services offered by travel agents will continue to grow.

By completing a travel agent course, you will be able to gain entry-level careers in both domestic and international travel sectors.

Kick start your career - Travel Agent Courses

So if you've decided to pursue a travel agent career, the next question is how? Employers prefer to hire travel agents who have formal training in this field. Martin offers respected industry travel agent courses to help you graduate with the confidence and skills to get a job in the tourism industry.

The Diploma of Tourism is taught by industry specialists who have extensive experience working in the travel industry. You will learn from experts, and our travel agent courses will provide career-focused information sessions as well as guidance and support when you start looking for work.

For detailed information about travel agent courses, intake dates, entry requirements and more, please contact us today >