Testimonials from Mums

Elena Zaballero

Advanced Diploma of Marketing student  

As a single mum of two children and working full-time, finding the time to study can be challenging. I knew that I couldn't complete a course that took me away from home to study on a campus.

Studying online gave me the flexibility to study at home and plan my own study schedule around my hectic lifestyle, even if it meant many late nights reading and submitting assessments. It also gave me the added organisational and time management skills, because studying alongside being a full time mum isn't an easy thing to do, but it was made easier with Martin's Online Course and suggested study guides.

The teacher support was amazing, I never felt alone. The teachers really did make the time to help me and be available when I needed to 'talk' to someone, as I did feel somewhat isolated being at home by myself. There were many ways to communicate through online forums, Study Smart and the course email system. The material was clear and concise and it could all be read online from my computer - if I was planning to go away on holiday or for work I could easily print out the materials and read it at my leisure.

In 2011 I started work as a Marketing Coordinator and was soon promoted to Marketing and Communications Manager after commencing the Advanced Diploma of Marketing at Martin.

I intend to challenge myself to become a marketing strategist as I now have the tools in place! Next in sight is an MBA, hopefully I can do that online too!

Tracey Kelly

Online Advanced Diploma of Management Student

I am currently studying the Online Advanced Diploma of Management. I chose Online study not only because I live well out of Melbourne city but most importantly so that I could balance study with other priorities. As a single mother of two teenage children my schedule is already very busy. Additionally I have an elderly father whom I am the primary carer for. It is not easy juggling everything but Online study provides me with the flexibility to fit it in and around existing commitments.

Maryam Abdul Ghafour

Diploma of Tourism

I am a full-time Mum to my 4 year old daughter, have another baby on his way and am studying for a Diploma of Tourism at Martin. I have studied many other subjects but this time I have chosen Tourism with the long term goal of opening my own business when I return to work. Studying whilst being pregnant is hard - sitting for too long can become very uncomfortable and involves very swollen feet! But I am doing it and I will hopefully do the rest! Studying Online means that I can schedule my study around my busy lifestyle. The teachers are great – they are really helpful and quick to respond to my emails. It’s with their guidance that I hope to graduate from my course and fulfill my career goals.

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