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If you have relevant formal education or industry experience then you may be eligible for advanced standing towards your chosen Martin Higher Education degree. Choose from Bachelor degrees (3 years full time), Associate Degrees (2 years full time), and a higher education Diploma of Business (1 year full time).

Martin Higher Education is committed to individual assessment of possible advanced standing to ensure an ideal student outcome that minimises duplication of learning while ensuring essential course and life skills are obtained. Research shows that this sets students up for successful academic performance when commencing with advanced standing.

Here are some common examples of relevant previous study and professional experience that may lead to advanced standing towards a Martin Higher Education degree.

  • Vocational Education & Training (VET) studies such as a Certificate IV, Diploma or Advanced Diploma, either partial or complete, undertaken within the past eight years with a registered training organisation
  • Higher Education (HE) studies, either partial or complete, undertaken within the past eight years through a University or private HE provider
  • Work activity in a relevant industry that can be demonstrated with tangible evidence from within the last eight years
  • Qualifications that may have been completed more than eight years ago with relevant activity in the industry within the last eight years to demonstrate currency of knowledge

For enquiries relating to Educational Pathways and your specific circumstances, email or call 1300 323 471.

Are you currently studying a VET qualification?

If you are studying or have previously studied a Vocational Education & Training qualification such as a Certificate IV, Diploma or Advanced Diploma in a business discipline (either partial or complete), then you are eligible to pathway into a Martin Higher Education degree.

You can get an idea of the advanced standing you may receive by using our online calculator, the Articulation Abacus. Simply find your VET provider and course listed on the Abacus (whether your have completed your qualification or not), and select the Martin Higher Education degree you're interested in. The Abacus will display the possible advance standing/credit you can receive.

Have you completed an English Equivalency course?

If you are in the final stages or have completed your English Equivalency course and want to study a business degree, then you can pathway and progress into a degree course with Martin Higher Education. Call 1300 323 471 or email for more information.

Are you an international student looking to study a degree? 

Are you an international student living in Sydney or Brisbane and looking to study a Bachelor of Business degree? Perhaps you are already studying at another institution and looking for a change. Martin Higher Education provides a pathway for you into a bachelor degree education. Contact us at

Forms, Policies & Procedures

Below is a list of all forms, policies and procedures utilised by Educational Pathways. Before you can apply for advanced standing towards your chosen degree, please get in touch to check your eligibility. To speak with a Martin Higher Education Student Enrolment Advisor call 1300 323 471 or email

Map your pathway to a Martin Higher Education degree

Already studied? You can gain advanced standing or credit into our higher education degree programs. Calculate your educational pathway using our Articulation Abacus.