A career as an office manager

If you’re the go-to person for all things organisation and inspiration, an office manager job may be just for you. Office managers oversee administrative support workers and coordinate administrative support activities. They are employed across various industries and ensure the smooth running of all administrative aspects of a business. Office manager careers are suited to those with great leadership and organisational skills.

Office manager careers

Office managers supervise administrative support workers, such as office clerks and secretaries, and coordinate administrative support activities. You would find work in all types of business and government offices and are employed in-house, typically working Monday to Friday, 9 to 5. As an officer manager, your role would be to ensure staff have the tools and resources to efficiently support management.

You would also be responsible for:

  • Managing filing systems
  • Recording office expenditure and managing budget
  • Developing and implementing admin systems such as record management
  • Organising office layout
  • Maintaining stationery supplies
  • Delegating work to staff and managing workload and efficiency
  • Responding to customer enquiries and complaints
  • Hiring and monitoring admin support staff
  • Writing reports for senior staff
  • Attending meetings and taking minutes and notes if necessary
  • Devising training programs for new workers

Personal skills

An officer manager is an all-rounder, so you should have a friendly demeanour while getting the hard work done. The following personal skills are also important if you want to pursue this line of work:

  • Leadership abilities and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to multitask
  • Exceptional organisation skills
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Experience hiring and managing staff
  • Decisive and strong managerial abilities
  • Reliability and adaptability
  • Ability to problem-solve

How to get an office manager career

In some instances, it is possible to work your way up to an office manager role as office managers tend to be trained on-the-job. But most office manager roles require a college certificate, diploma or degree. Martin offers the following courses in business and management that give you the practical knowledge and skills to pursue an office manager career:

Employers may also expect you to have previous office-based work experience, which can be gained through temping or part time work. Many companies and government offices also have management trainee programs and some may send employees to courses and seminars at business schools or colleges to learn about office manager careers.

Office manager career pathways

Office managers tend to start as office assistants to supervisors and work their way up to an office manager career with relevant experience. You could find an office manager career across various organisations and you may also choose to go into business for yourself and work as a consultant.