Online Learning

Martin Higher Education offers the flexibility of online study which helps you to work around your schedule. 

Our degrees in Business, Event Management, Tourism, and Marketing can be studied online by Domestic Students. There are three online intakes in March, July and November.

Our mission with Martin Higher Education online learning is to provide an alternative, flexible learning option to students who cannot, or choose not, to learn on campus due to distance, work commitments or other life situations that prevent them from studying on campus. 

Many students are also choosing to complement their current on campus studies with online learning. Studying online provides a new way to deliver education in a more flexible and innovative way.

Types of Classes

A student may be offered enrolment in up to three types of classes:

Face-to-Face (On Campus) - this class is conducted at your nominated campus with a teacher and other students in an allocated classroom.

Synchronised / Sync (On Campus) - this class is conducted at your nominated campus in an allocated classroom however the teacher may be located on a different campus and will teach the class via interactive screens. Sync classes differ only from a teacher in each classroom to a teacher in one classroom, teaching students via two-way, real-time video and audio, to deliver the same lesson simultaneously. This allows students from all classroom locations to interact, just as they would in one classroom location, but has the benefit of greater depth of experiential and peer cohort learning. There may or may not be other students with you in the sync room.

Online (Remote) - this class is conducted online only. While you are welcome to attend campus to use the facilities (including library) and required to attend campus for formal exams, you are not required to attend a formal classroom for your teaching to occur. All learning materials will be provided via the LMS.

Learning Management System (LMS)

The Martin Higher Education LMS is the online learning platform for all students at Martin Higher Education. The LMS is not simply for online learning students, but is available for accessing resources for all subjects by on campus students as well.

The LMS also hosts a library of information and extensive Study Skills guides for students both starting out and well into their courses.

The online learning environment is designed to be interactive, engaging and supportive.

Students complete their studies through various online learning formats including narrated Power Point presentations, tutor moderated discussion forums, PDF handouts and web based resources. Assignments are submitted electronically and final examinations are undertaken on campus or externally. Examination timetables are always posted on the LMS. Textbooks and other hard copy learning materials are also recommended to accompany online components of study.

The LMS is managed by the Martin Higher Education Technologies Department (EdTech team), who also have a help desk where you can direct any questions or issues you have with the system.

What will you need?

All course materials and subject assessments are available and are submitted online.

To run our Learning Management System (LMS), make sure your computer has:  

  • Windows 7+, Mac OS X, Linux
  • We recommend Google Chrome or Firefox browser
  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • Adobe Flash Player 10.3+. Visit Adobe to get the latest version
  • Ideally you should have access to broadband

You will also need to ensure that you have:

  • Disabled your popup blocking software (some LMS subjects require popups) 
  • Cookies have been enabled in your browser

How do I get started?

The EdTech team will send you an email the Friday before courses start with your login details to access the Learning Management System and any other information you need to know before starting.

There are videos and tours to get you started and our online learning support team are available to help you if you have any questions. 

How can I contact my lecturers?

Your lecturers will provide the ongoing support that you need in order for you to be successful in your studies. There are lecturer-to-student and student-to-student communication tools available online, including video, instant messaging and email services.